Volume : I, Issue : I, October - 2011

Ethics In Profession

M. Anuradha Reddy, M. Venkat Ramana Reddy

Abstract :

All over the world, there is growing realization that ethics is important for any profession and to achieve the progress of any society. Ethics give rise to efficient economy. It is not the government or law which will protect the society. But ethics alone can protect it. Ethics are good in itself. Ethics and profits go together in the long run. An ethically responsible profession is one which has developed a culture of cå for people and environment, a culture which flows downwards from the top managers and leaders. With the help of major relevant studies, the real meaning of professional ethics, general guidelines, professional behavior, and professional misconduct are discussed in this paper.  

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M. ANURADHA REDDY, M. VENKAT RAMANA REDDY Ethics In Profession Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.I, Issue.I October 2011

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