Volume : I, Issue : I, October - 2011

Role Of Institutional Finance For Agriculture Development

Dr. Asit Ranjan Satpathy

Abstract :

The present study highlights the agricultural credit scenario in India with special focus on institutional finance to agriculture sector. It also identifies the important issues in agriculture credit market. In India, it is well known that most of the farmers dependent on external finance to enable cultivation. In the recent years, increasing diversification of agriculture has seen an increase in credit needs. Easy availability of adequate agriculture finance at the right time has an important role in the development of the agriculture as well as for rural development. The result shows that in India, demand for agriculture credit is much higher than its actual supply. In this situation the farmers are left with no alternatives but to move to the informal market. In this market they get trapped and are even compelled to commit the suicide. For the development of agriculture, it is necessary that these problems should be address on priority.

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