Volume : I, Issue : I, June - 2012

A Study On Irrigation Projects In Maharashtra State

Dr. Pawar, Ashok S. , Dr. Rathod Sunita J.

Abstract :

Initially the objective of irrigation was confine to supply water to crops whenever it requires. Many regions of the earth experiences uneven distribution and irregularity of rainfall. There are densely populated regions on the earth surface depend on agriculture. In such regions, provisions of irrigations is important aspects. There are 628 projects in the Marathwada region. This projects growing nicely or satisfactory progressed but still there is problem in front of this projects, like cost escalation, expenditure, time lag, funds, budgetary sources, etc. The state Government has spent Rs.8,000 crore each year on irrigation project in the past 10 year, but development on the ground has been minimum.

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Dr. Pawar, Ashok S., Dr. Rathod Sunita J. A Study On Irrigation Projects In Maharashtra State International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.I, Issue.I June 2012

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