Volume : III, Issue : I, January - 2014

Design of Auto–Tuning Adaptive Pid Controller For Two Tank Conical System

M. Kandasamy, K. Muthukumaran

Abstract :

In the past few decades, there has been considerable development in the field of adaptive control systems that automatically adjusts controller parameters to compensate for unanticipated changes in process dynamics. In a two tank conical interacting system it is difficult to control the level in both tanks with a single PID controllers because it only suitable for linear systems. In this paper the auto-tuning adoptive control is designed for a Two Tank Conical System and its performance compared with conventional PID control.

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M. Kandasamy, K. Muthukumaran Design of Auto-Tuning Adaptive Pid Controller For Two Tank Conical System International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.III, Issue.I January 2014

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