Volume : V, Issue : X, October - 2016


Dr. Madhu Velayudhan, Dr, Venugopalan, Dr. Arun Das P

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 BACKGROUND Newer inhalational agents such as sevoflurane offer several advantages over older agents but are comparatively more expensive .There is incresing concern about the cost effectiveness of using sevoflurane versus the conventional use of propofol for induction of anaesthesia.This study was done to compare the cost effectiveness of the two methods of induction. AIM To compare the cost effectiveness of propofol induction versus sevoflurane induction STUDY DESIGN Observational study MATERIALS AND METHODS Adult patients scheduled for thyroidectomy under general anaesthesia were divided into two groups (=30each), to receive anaesthesia using one of the following techniques: low flow technique involving induction with propofol, followed by sevoflurane delivered using initial fresh gas flows of 6 L/min till MAC reached 1.5 and then reduced to 2 L/min; second technique involving use of sevoflurane for both induction and maintenance of anaesthesia CONCLUSION Intraoperative physiological variables were comparable in both group. Sevoflurane induction was found to be more cost effective than propofol induction

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Dr.MADHU VELAYUDHAN, Dr,VENUGOPALAN, Dr.ARUN DAS P ECONOMY OF VIMA VERSUS PROPOFOL INDUCTION International Journal of Scientific Research,Volume : 5 | Issue : 10 | October 2016

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