Volume : III, Issue : I, January - 2014

Effectiveness of Intervention Strategies in Enhancing Self–Esteem among Engineering Students

R. Uma Alias Seetha

Abstract :

Self-esteem is considered as one of the important affective factors because success or failure of a person depends mostly on the degree of one\'s Self-esteem. Teachers, parents, psychologists and others have always focused efforts on boosting Self-Esteem on the assumption that enhanced Self-Esteem will cause many positive outcomes and benefits. Self-Esteem shows a personís overall worth covers oneís emotions and beliefs. The development of Self-Esteem in college students emerges gradually as they become aware of their own abilities. The emphasis in this investigation is to enhance Self-Esteem among first year engineering students through intervention strategies. The study presents a framework of Scales to assess Self-Esteem developed by the investigator. It will serve as a basis for training the engineering studentsí to have enhanced self-esteem in order to achieve success in the modern highly competitive global work arena.

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R. Uma Alias Seetha Effectiveness of Intervention Strategies in Enhancing Self-Esteem among Engineering Students International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.III, Issue.I January 2014

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