Volume : V, Issue : IV, April - 2016


Prathyusha Kantheti, Dr. Radha Rani, Dr. Anitha Dasari

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 The washing machine is a commonly used device and an integral part of most households all over the world. Increase in the world’s population coupled with rapid economic development has resulted in the increased use of washing machines among households for laundry instead of hand washing. Washing machines are designed to provide clean clothes while retaining the quality of the material. Study conducted on 30 users, on the analysis of user opinion of the washing machine revealed the fact that majority have preferred Samsung and IFB washing machine. Majority of the respondents were satisfied with the washing machines what they were using at present. Washing machines used by majority of the home makers is fully automatic type, because of the increased women employment and work simplification techniques adopted by them. Majority of the respondents purchased washing machine depending on the and image followed by durability, superior quality and recommendation from others. Majority around 76 percent is of opinion that front load washing machine works best than the top load washing machine. Because of the reasons like good stain removal in front load compared to top load. The survey revealed the facts of ergonomic related issues of washing machine.

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Prathyusha Kantheti, Dr. Radha Rani, Dr.Anitha Dasari STUDY ON ANALYSIS OF USER OPINION ON WASHING MACHINE International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol : 5, Issue : 4 APRIL 2016

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