Volume : VII, Issue : III, March - 2018

Treatment of Fractures and Its Complications by Traditional Bone Setters: In a Tertiary Care Hospital.

Tapasa Kumar Panigrahi, Dharma Niranjan Mishra

Abstract :



Fracture of bone is a persistent problem encountered in orthopedic practice globally and its management depends on reduction and immobility at the fracture site Traditional bone setters accepting this procedure as a familiar custom to formulate their own methods and practices for the management of fractures.

Aim of the Study:

The aim of the study to evaluate and manage the complications occurred during the treatment given by TBS. 


 One hundred and twenty cases coming to OPD during the period of Aug.2014 to Nov.2016 with some kind of prior treatment received from TBS are included in the study.   Each case was subjected to detailed clinical and radiological examinations to evaluate the outcomes of the interventions by TBSs.  


Malunion is the predominant form of presentation with 54 cases (46%) followed by non union in 24 (20%) cases.  33 cases (28%) presented with impending ischemia at initial stages of treatment.  8 cases (6%) presented with chronic osteomylitis and infected nonunion. Eventually 13 cases ended with gangrene and amputation. Cost of surgery emerged as the major cause (42%) followed by fear of surgery (23%) to receive treatment from TBS.


Conclusion: The results in our study vindicate the fact that TBS play a major role in providing health care to the fracture patients. Multiple factors contribute to the wide spread acceptance of TBS in society. Lack of knowledge about the basic anatomy and   referral system by TBS is responsible for complications.  So it is required to create public awareness and integrating TBS in the healthcare system through proper training and due legislation is the possible aim to be achieved.

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