Volume : VII, Issue : V, May - 2018

Alkaline Diet: An answer to most modern so called "Lifestyle Diseases": 9 months of Alkaline Diet - reduction of HBAC1 from 10.5 to 6.5

Dr. Vidushi Agrawal

Abstract :

 Alkaline Diet is one of my favorite topics that I can always speak about at anytime of the day. It’s just not because I have been practicing alkaline

diet in my Medical Practice as a Dietician, however, I have got excellent results over a period of 10 years now into practice of alkaline diet, and
remarks from SPECIALISTS for my patients, whereas the Diabetologist has said to one of my patient (whose case I am going to represent here) oh
vow, your report is like a book report. I understand that most diseases today are more of a Lifestyle Disordered Disease rather than actual disease
perse. In olden days, the diseases which were considered to be diseases of the aged or senior citizens, are now touching kids as small as not only
adolescents but also new born. Hence seeing the wonderful results, I would like to present one case in every article of mine with reports and
permission of the patient, which can be used to share with public for the purpose of shå more practical information than theory. First I would
touch upon the basic of Alkaline & Acidic Environment in our body and then take one food article at a time and present a case
Any questions, can be asked with respect to the article & I would be happy to answer them

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