Volume : VI, Issue : I, January - 2017

SDSPAGE analysis of seed protein of five floral morphotypes of Clitoria ternatea L.

Anirban Mukherjee, Asis Kumar Nandi

Abstract :

 The twiner medicinal herb Clitoria ternatea L. of Fabaceae has five different floral types based on the combination of colour of petal, arrangement of petal and arrangement of stamens. These morphological traits have also been considered for refinement of taxonomical treatment of this species. Seed storage protein being a stable genetic character has been analyzed here to verify the justification of considering floral morphotypes for taxonomical treatment of the species at infraspecific level. Though in consideration of the amount of protein the blue double type has been noted to produce greatest amount of it, followed by the white double type as intermediate one and both single type as the least producer, polypeptide profile in SDS–PAGE has shown least polymorphism of 3.65%. In terms of this polymorphism single type of flower beå forms, irrespective of petal colour, have been noted to be in close proximity and quite distantly placed from the double types; again then double type of white and blue petal but having solitary stamens are close to each other and distantly placed from blue double with polyadelphous stamens. Thus, even the subtle polymorphism in polypeptide profile of seed storage protein fortifies the consideration of five floral morphometric forms of Clitoria ternatea L.


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Anirban Mukherjee, Asis Kumar Nandi, SDSPAGE analysis of seed protein of five floral morphotypes of Clitoria ternatea L., International Journal of Scientific Research, Volume : 6 | Issue : 1 | JANUARY 2017

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