Volume : V, Issue : IV, April - 2015

A cross sectional study to find out the perception of longitudinal student mentorship programme

Dr. L. Kannan

Abstract :

 Background: Student mentorship programme has been a great concern about the relationship of current  stake holders. It ings a strong capacity building to most of the studnets who are in need to foster the  relationship among the mentors and mentees. The present generation of students need lot of care in their interpersonal adjustments and strong building of professional development. Hence the study is done to find out the perception of  longitudinal student mentorship programme among undergraduate medical students. Methodology: A cross sectional study was done on current second year of medical students of 2012 batch. Self administered questionnaire was given to all students after obtaining concerned from all the students and questionnaire consisted of their own perception about the longitudinal student mentorship programme and need of programme.  Results: Majority of the students agreed 180(75.9) that longitudinal Student mentorship program is an informative  and interesting program for the university and on the other side 16(6.8) have disagreed pertaining to the issue. When  pertaining to information of Mentors/Mentees to student mentorship program majority of the student 155(65.4) have  agreed that information about the program is well informed about the happenings of the program. When the perception of progress and continuity of the program majority have 215(90.7) have agreed that university should continue to  have this program in long term. Conclusion: longitudinal mentorship program has been a great concern for the present generation of students, who  require adequate fostering in their professional career. Many students want this program for nurturing in their professional attributes and many felt there is an absolute need to progress and its continuity. Hence this study is concluded  the perception of program is needed for continuous relationship in their academic career.

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