Volume : V, Issue : IV, April - 2015


Dr. S. Manikya Rao, Dr. B. Varalakshmi, Dr. Ch. Hasini

Abstract :

 Cyclopes or Monster is a rare congenital abnormality. Incidence is 1 in 13,000 live births or 1in 2,500 that 

end up in miscarriage(1). It occurs due to lack of cleavage of cereal hemisphere into right and left cereal hemisphere. This severe form results in children being born with just one eye and synophthalmia in which two globes 
(right,left) are partially fused in median position. Typically cyclopia present with non–functioning nose in the form of a probosis, also mentioned in greek mythology. We report a cyclops in kurnool medical college. 

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Dr.S.Manikya Rao, Dr.B.Varalakshmi, Dr.Ch.Hasini A RARE CONGENITAL ANOMALY–CYCLOPSv Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 4 April 2015

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