Volume : VI, Issue : X, October - 2016


Dr. Jayant Kumar Desh Deepak, Dr. Dina Nath Prasad

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 Background: Breast cancer is usually encountered disease. It is the second most common cancer in women leading to death. Prognostic factors of east cancer not only act as a guide to overall prognosis but also determine the need for adjuvant therapy. These factors are interrelated and hormone receptor status is an important determinant of prognosis of ca east. Newer factors are being evaluated in an attempt to more precisely define disease related prognosis . Materials and methods: This study was done in patients admitted Jawahalal Nehru medical college, Bhagalpur since September 2015 to September 2016. A total of 50 cases were investigated in this period. Proper examination, investigations and treatment were done. Tissue specimens were sent for biopsy in all cases. Results: The results were studied statistically and it was found that the usual age of presentation of carcinoma east was 35–60years, in that 55% had metastasis to axillary group of LNs. Tumour was hormone receptor positive in two third of the patients. Hormone receptor positivity decreased with increase in size of the tumour , axillary lymph node positivity and grade of the tumour. Hormone receptor positivity increased as the age advances and positivity was more in postmenopausal as compared to premenopausal. Axillary lymph node involvement were increased with size of the tumour also increased size of the tumour leads to increase in the grading of the tumour. Majority of patients suffering from carcinoma Breast were multiparous. Post operative treatment in the form of chemotherapy and Tamoxifen was given. Conclusion: Small size, low grade and tumours without axillary lymph node metastasis have more chances of receptor positivity. More number of patients are presenting in early stage as majority of patients have operable east cancer.

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Dr. Jayant Kumar Desh Deepak, Dr. Dina Nath Prasad A STUDY ON DIFFERENT PROGNOSTIC FACTORS IN CARCINOMA BREAST Indian Journal of Applied Research,Volume : 6 | Issue : 10 | October 2016

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