Volume : III, Issue : XII, December - 2013

A Study on Problems and Prospects of E–Payments in Tirupur City, Tamilnadu

S. Namasivayam, M. Prakash, G. Barani Karunambigai

Abstract :

Commerce (the trading of goods) has been a major impetus for human survival since the beginning of recorded history and beyond. The mass adoption of the Internet has created a paradigm shift in the way businesses are conducted today. The past decade has seen the emergence of a new kind of commerce: e–commerce, the buying and selling of goods through human–computer interaction over the Internet. Business is done electronically and there is no longer a need for physical currency or goods to conduct business. The success of electronic commerce depends upon effective electronic payment systems. The focus of this study is to identify and explain the problems and prospects of e–payments .A number of solutions have been proposed based on the problem and discussed on the prospects of electronic payment system.

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S. NAMASIVAYAM, M.PRAKASH, G.BARANI KARUNAMBIGAI A Study on Problems and Prospects of E-Payments in Tirupur City, Tamilnadu Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.XII Dec 2013

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