Volume : IV, Issue : X, October - 2014

An Empirical Study on Analysis of Stock Brokers in Indian Stock Markets with Special Reference Cash Market`

Dr. Jeelan Basha. V

Abstract :

A  stock  okerage  is an  investment services company that is primarily involved in the business of buying and selling stocks and other  financial securities on behalf of its clients in return for a  fees or commission. The industry operates under close government regulations that aim to protect the investing public. A  stock okerage may not open for business without filing for appropriate registrations and obtaining certain memberships. A stock okerage may focus on different investment services and clients. It must also be able to provide a wide range of security information to clients for investment research and trade selections. As per Section 65(93) of Finance Act, 1994 “Stock–oker” means a person, who has either made an application for registration or is registered as a stock oker, in accordance with the rules and regulations made under the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992. A retail okerage serves only individual investors, whereas an institutional okerage has the capacity to handle large order flows from institutional investors such as mutual funds. The objectives of the study are to study the performance analysis of Stock Brokering Services and providing findings/ results and conclusions based on analysis. Exploratory research design has been adopted. The study is based on secondary data containing annual number, fees & other charges, type and turnover of registered stock okers from 2009– 2014. The data is collected from sebi.gov.in, money control.com and various other reports like magazines, journals, published books and official websites. The statistical tools applied for data analysis in the present study are descriptive statistics, correlation and hypotheses testing It is concluded that stock okering service plays a major role in mobilizing funds through its expertise in attracting investors to make investment by its suitable guidance. It has become lucrative service in terms of earning.

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Dr. Jeelan Basha.V An Empirical Study on Analysis of Stock Brokers in Indian Stock Markets with Special Reference Cash Market Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.4, Issue : 10 October 2014

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