Volume : VI, Issue : VIII, August - 2016

Application of Six Sigma in Various Sectors

Vidhyadhar Sonaji Athawar, Prof Dr. H S Lunge

Abstract :

 The Six sigma is one of the business methods which improve the business quality process. It provide the practical movement with innovative ideas and continuous improvement. The application of six sigma methodology in banking sector which can be summarized in different areas. Six sigma can be applicable to production as well as service sector also. Summary: Six sigma in the specific methodology to improve the existing process, to meet the desired level of satisfaction. It can be applicable to various sectors and organization which gives fruit full result so that the respondent will be satisfied. Generally it is used in production process now a days it give us usefulness to implement in service sector so that the customer will be satisfied and will get expected benefits to both.

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VIDHYADHAR SONAJI ATHAWAR, Prof Dr. H S Lunge Application of Six Sigma in Various Sectors Indian Journal of Applied Research,Volume : 6 | Issue : 8 | August 2016

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