Volume : VII, Issue : IX, September - 2017

Caudal Duplication Syndrome: case series and review of literature.

Dr Flavia D Souza, Dr A Suyodhan Reddy, Dr Pradnya Bendre

Abstract :

 Caudal duplication syndrome is a rare entity in which structures derived from the emyonic cloaca and notochord are duplicated to various extents. There have been isolated reports of duplication of the colorectum, lower urogenital tract, spinal dysraphism and abdominal wall defects resulting from insults at different stages of emyogenesis. We herein describe 3 cases of diphallia, one case of anal duplication, one case of hindgut duplication and one extremely rare anomaly of labial duplication showing corporal tissue which has never been previously reported. The management of these rare anomalies is individualized and literature reviewed. By combining these rare cases together with similar emyological background we discuss the pathological anatomy, management, results of our experience.   

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Dr Flavia D¥souza, Dr A Suyodhan Reddy, Dr Pradnya Bendre, Caudal Duplication Syndrome: case series and review of literature., INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH : Volume-7 | Issue-9 | September-2017

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