Volume : V, Issue : I, January - 2015

Customer Perception Towards Life Insurance Services in Rural Market

Mr. P Rajavardhan Reddy, Dr Y Jahangir

Abstract :

The spread of knowledge, education, internet, and the act of privatization has contributed to an exceptional growth of the Indian insurance sector. Insurance has moved out from being a mere risk coverage activity to that of very attractive investment avenues for the common man. The insurance companies have made big inroads into the rural insurance market in India because more than 70 percent of people live in rural. It is expected that rural insurance will become the biggest beneficiary of the new product and of the technology innovation in the sector of insurance, in the next decade. The present study examines perceptions of Indias rural masses with regards to life insurance services and the diverse factors which influence their choice. Findings of the research show that basic socio demographic and economic variables have significant impact on consumers’ perception towards insurance services.

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Mr. P Rajavardhan Reddy,Dr Y Jahangir Customer Perception Towards Life Insurance Services in Rural Market Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 1 January 2015

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