Volume : III, Issue : V, May - 2013

Dummy Horse: A Folk Art of Odisha

Mr. Ashis Mohapatra

Abstract :

The art of folk dance in evolved from the natural instinct of human beings self expression. Dummy horse dance or Chaiti Ghoda Nacha is a folk dance form as natural to the fisherman community of Odisha as speech in to human beings. This festival is observed for eight days by the Kaibarta (fishermens community) in the Odia month of Chaitra (March–April) during celeations of the annual festival of goddess Vasuli or Baseli worship. As the local goddess Baseli is believed to be horse–headed, the dummy–horse dance becomes a necessary part of invoking her. In this colorful item of performing art dummy horse dancers perform to the tune of Dhola and Mahuri, accompanied by songs composed by the local poets. Fisherman communities all over Odisha, enrich their life with the joy of community folk dance performed as a part of ritual of community gathering. The Dummy horse dance connected with the Shakti cult of coastal regions is very popular and attracts a large audience.

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