Volume : IV, Issue : XII, December - 2014

Effect of Cisplatin and 5–Fluorouracil on Ascorbic acid contents in fresh water bivalve Parreysia corrugata.

Mr. Gawali R. D. , Dr. Zambare S. P.

Abstract :

Cisplatin and 5–Fluorouracil are potent and valuable anticancer drugs widely used for chemotherapy against solid tumours. These drugs exhibits effective chemoprevention in cancer therapy and also lead to several manipulations and cytotoxicity. In present toxicity studies, sub–lethal doses of cisplatin and 5–fluorouracil (LC50/10 for 96 hours) were given to fresh water bivalves Parreysia corrugata for 30 days. The ascorbic acid contents were estimated from different tissues of control and experimental bivalves by Roe’s method. It was found that ascorbic acid contents were decreased in tissues with increase in period of exposure to anticancer drugs in experimental bivalves. It was also observed that decrease in ascorbic acid contents in different tissues were more in cisplatin treated bivalves than that of 5– fluorouracil treated bivalves.

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Mr. Gawali R.D.,Dr. Zambare S.P. Effect of Cisplatin and 5-Fluorouracil on Ascorbic acid contents in fresh water bivalve Parreysiacorrugata. Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.4, Issue : 12 December 2014

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