Volume : V, Issue : XI, November - 2015

Evaluation of myopics for open angle glaucoma and estimation of risk

Dr. Col S. K. Srivastava, Dr. S. S. Halikar, Dr. Saurabh Chaudhari

Abstract :

 Background: There is high prevalence of myopia in India and there is appreciable incidence of open angle glaucoma in myopes .The aim is to screen the myopes for open angle glaucoma and its correlation. Methods: We studied 66 myopes (132 eyes) with more than 3 diopters refractive error with more than 15 years of age. Intraocular tension was measured with Goldmann Applanation tonometer. Thorough fundus examination was done after full dilatation of pupil. Field of vision was carried out with the help of Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyser 3. Angle of anterior chamber was examined with Goldman 3–mirror gonioscope. Diurnal variation and water drinking test were performed in glaucoma suspects. Result: Only 15% myopes had IOP more than 20, rest 85% myopes had pressure less than 20 mmHg. Out of 66 myopes(132 eyes), 14 myopic eyes had open angle glaucoma,2 eyes had absolute glaucoma and 8 eyes were glaucoma suspects. Conclusion: About 18.1% myopes suffer from open angle glaucoma. It is therefore emphasized that myopes should be investigated for open angle glaucoma as many times they may remain symptomless.

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Dr.(Col) S.K.Srivastava, Dr.S.S.Halikar, Dr. Saurabh Chaudhari / Evaluation of myopics for open angle glaucoma and estimation of risk / Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 11 November 2015

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