Volume : VIII, Issue : IX, September - 2018

Evaluation of water purity in Mandakini River and study of atmospheric analysis of Kedarnath valley

Ashish Benthwal, Amit Bahuguna, Awadhesh Chandramauli

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Objective: Environment has become a major issue of great concern in recent years. India has been traditionally vulnerable to natural disasters on account of its unique geo–climatic conditions. Floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and landslides have been recurrent phenomena. The paper attempts to carry out a quantitative and qualitative analysis of Kedarnath to Rudraprayag water contain of different river which are collectively followed in Rudraprayag district,many parameter used to evaluate water quality such as physical parameters:–Turbidity, colour, taste & odour, temperature. Chemical parameters like suspended matter, pH value, conductivity, total hardness, alkalinity, acidity, total dissolved solids.Organic solids, inorganic solids examples are calcium, iron, fluride, chloride content, nitrogen content, presence of fats, greases, & oils, sulphides sulphates and H2S gas, dissolved oxygen, chemical oxygen demand (cod), bio–chemical oxygen demand (bod) and Biological parameters like plant count test, most probable number (M.P.N.) Testwithin the framework of Hazard Assessment. Vulnerability Assessment (estimate of the degree of loss or damage to property, population, environment, economic activities etc.) on the basis of chemically reported relevance which are shown that how water component may increase or decrease with relationship environmentally The paper shows that in case of Uttarakhand, the devastation and consequent collapse cannot be attributed to ‘Act of God’ alone. Political apathy, economic imprudence and poor environment management played an important role.These were further amplified by the inadequate state of preparedness, mitigation and response of various disaster management agencies during the crisis.It emerges that if the portends of the disaster, ominously evident all the time, not been repeatedly ignored, the aftermath of the tragedy, waiting to happen, could have been largely mitigated. This study is based on complementary relationship between natural disaster and tourism. Attention is focused on recent natural disaster 2013 that has occurred on Kedarnath in Utttarakhand.

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Ashish Benthwal, Amit Bahuguna, Awadhesh Chandramauli, Evaluation of water purity in Mandakini River and study of atmospheric analysis of Kedarnath valley, INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH : Volume-8 | Issue-9 | September-2018

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