Volume : VI, Issue : X, October - 2016

Fine Needle Aspiration of Thyroid Lesions and its Histopathological Correlation

Dr. Pradip R Butale

Abstract :

 Background : Thyroid swelling most common clinical presentation of thyroid lesion. , observed in 4–7 % of population. and affects females more commonly than males. Excising all thyroid lesion is associated with risk and not necessary. Thus by FNAC diagnosis, many thyroid surgeries can be prevented. Aims and Objectives: Present study was carried out to to evaluate the accuracy of FNAC in diagnosis of thyroid lesion and its correlation with histopathology diagnosis. Material and Methods: The present retrospective and prospective study was carried out in the department of Pathology, Government medical college, Miraj from January 2012 to june 2014 . 1147 cases were studied. Results: Out of 1147 cases the cytological diagnosis were thyroglossal cyst in 14 cases(1.22%), Thyroditis in 53 cases (4.62%), colloid cyst in 184 cases (16.04%),Goiter (simple, Noduler, toxic) in 751 cases ,( 65.47%) adenoma in 13 cases(1.13%),and Malignancy in 51 cases(4.45%)., suspicious in 2 cases (0.17%) and 79 smears (6.89%) were unsatisfactory. Out of 1147 casses histological correlation could be made only in 102 cases. In the present study we found sensitivity 0.92 ,Specificity 0.97 and overall accuracy 97.06%. Conclusion : Present study as well as previous studies highlight rouine use of FNAC in thyoid lesion as safe, cost effective and initial diagnostics modality, along with others like Ultrasonography and thyroid function test that avods unwanted surgeries.;

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