Volume : III, Issue : II, February - 2013

Fleet Management some Myths and Realities

Dr. N. Jamaluddin

Abstract :

Presents a review of the research to–date in the two basic components of dynamic incident handling namely real–time fleet management systems and travel time prediction methods. More specifically, the first part of the chapter presents the main characteristics of a fleet management system and underlines the need for real¬time fleet management when dynamic incident handling is required. The main features as well as current work in the area are presented. The second part of the chapter reviews .current methods for travel–time prediction, which comprise an important part for accurate and effective incident detection. Various surveillance devices and travel time estimation techniques are presented, followed by their characteristics. Emphasis is given to Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) devices (used for data collection) as well as to the non–parametric regression method (used for data processing). As real–time management and dynamic routing of freight fleets lies in the area of Operations Research (OR), there is also a section that identifies this issue in OR terms. The section focuses on vehicle routing problems that are time dependent and occur mainly in urban settings and are described as Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems (DVRP). Finally, the chapter ends with a ief concluding summary.

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Dr. N. Jamaluddin Fleet Management some Myths and Realities Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.II February 2013

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