Volume : IV, Issue : III, March - 2014

Greenwashing: The Darker Side Of CSr

Priyanka Aggarwal, Aarti Kadyan

Abstract :

 Greenwashing is a practice followed by organisations in which unsubstantiated or misleading claims are made  of the environmental and social attributes of a product, service or the company as a and. Greenwashing  practice is adopted to make the company look more environment–friendly than it actually is, by spending more money, time  and efforts on marketing its products as ‘green’, rather than actually minimizing its adverse impact on the environment.  This paper studies the green marketing practices of certain selected companies belonging to four sectors – Automobile,  Electronics, Food & Beverages and Personal Care Sector, through analysis of their advertisements, company websites and  sustainability reports. The main objective of the paper is to identify the extent of green washing done by the companies  and to rate their environmental claims on the weighted scale of 1 to 5. Further, this paper correlates the greenwashing score  with the overall CSR score, along with cross–sector analysis of their greenwashing scores. The paper finds that even the  companies with a high overall CSR score are involved in some form of greenwashing practices. The authors also suggest  ways and means for companies to avoid greenwashing, for consumers to spot it and for regulators to curb it.

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