Volume : IV, Issue : X, October - 2014

Growth of Area Under Principal Crops in India

Dr. V. Subramanyam, Prof. M. Devarajulu

Abstract :

The rate of growth (compound) of area under food and non–food crops in general and important crops like rice, wheat, sugarcane and groundnut in particular were higher during pre–green revolution period as compared to different phases of green revolution as well as in the entire green revolution and overall periods. To examine this trend, the growth of area under important crops has been studied before and after the setting–in of green revolution. The period under study has been divided into four periods, viz. Pre–Green Revolution Period (1949– 50 to 1965–66), Green Revolution Phase–I (1966–67 to 1980–81), Green Revolution Phase–II (1981–82 to 1990–91) and Green Revolution Phase–III (1990–91 to 2008–09). The last period is also known as economic reforms period or liberalization period. To understand the overall trend, overall period from (1949–50 to 2008–09), is also taken for the study. The growth of area during periods under wheat, sugarcane, rice, groundnut, cereals and foodgrains were 1.83,1.70, 0.65, 0.50, 0.28 and 2.24 per cent respectively

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