Volume : III, Issue : IX, September - 2013

Impact of Television on Children

S. Bhavana

Abstract :

Children have become much more interested watching TV over many years and it has become a primary action to some lives. Typically, children begin watching television at an early age of six months, and by the age two or three children become enthusiastic viewers. This has become a problem because many children are watching television and the shows that they are watching (even if they are cartoons) have become violent and addictive. Today all TV ads focused on children to attract consumers and were targeting the child viewer. Children in the 7–15 years age group want to buy products (by the influence of ads). Monitoring of advertisements has become essential. Children that have large amounts of TV time have increased weight problems, decreased academic performance, and decreased socialization skills. Thus the present study aims to find the how TV Advertising influences their children’s and how it affects their health.

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