Volume : IV, Issue : V, May - 2014

Incisional Hernia�A Prospective study of 50 cases for 1 year

Dr Suhas Kondreddy, Dr Rigved Nittala

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BACKGROUND: Incisional hernia is a common complication of abdominal surgery and an important source of morbidity. It may be repaired using anatomical, mesh or laparoscopic methods. This study analyses the various etiopathogenesis, modes of presentation, modalities of treatment like anatomical, mesh repair and its outcome. METHODS: Between April 2013 March 2014, 50 patients with incisional hernia who got admitted at Alluri Sita ram raja academy of medical sciences in the department of surgery were subjected to anatomical or mesh repair depending upon the surgeon’s choice and size of the hernial defect. RESULTS: Incisional hernia was found to be the 2nd most common type of hernia. The incidence was more common in females, who underwent gynecological procedures by lower midline incisions. It was found to be more common in the age group of 30–50 years. Predominant risk factors being wound infection and obesity. The complications following surgery was found to be less with mesh repair and was significantly reduced by using drains. The post operative complications were mainly wound infections and seroma formation. INTERPRETATION & CONCLUSION: Mesh repair results in less post operative complications provided drains are used

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Dr Suhas Kondreddy, Dr Rigved Nittala Incisional Hernia – A Prospective study of 50 cases for 1 year Indian Journal of Applied Research, Volume.4, Issue.5, May-2014

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