Volume : II, Issue : II, November - 2012

Intervention Strategy to Circumvent Specific Deficiency : Remedial Reading Approach

Miss. Sumati Rani

Abstract :

Children of today are the citizens of tomorrow, they are the future pillars of the country. There is every possibility that each classroom has some learning disabled students with normal or above normal intelligence. Learning disability manifests as severe discrepancies in educational performance, usually in language related areas between apparent ability to perform and actual level of performance. Reading should be looked upon as one aspect of an integrated program of language development which also includes reading skills, the child’s speaking and meaning of vocabulary. Remediation for these specific situations is essential to promote reading skill and to make the best of other remedial approaches. There are many strategies or interventions that teachers can use with learning disabled students. These include DISTAR program, rebus approaches, modified visual auditory kinesthetic method and combined VAKT–language experience approach. These approaches will overcome the specific problems. Most of the learning disabilities are subject to improvement or remediation. Good classroom instructions for most learning, disabled students are similar in most ways to good instruction for non handicapped students (Larrivee, 1985). Adapting certain instruction strategies and approaches can help in meeting the needs of learning disabled students. It is very important for the teacher to understand the abilities and disabilities of students, it is also equally important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the methods or approaches to be used.  

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