Volume : III, Issue : V, May - 2013

Isolation of Azotobacter and Cost Effective Production of Biofertilizer

K. S. Gomare, M. Mese, Y. Shetkar

Abstract :

The aim of present study was the production of cost effective biofertilizer using selective and optimized media for Azotobacter to meet increasing nutritional food requirements with biotechnology to increase crop yields to improve socioeconomic condition of rural area to maintain ecological balance for sustainable production in minimum cost with increased percent of proteins, starch, sucrose, vitamins, nitrogen containing products which helps to increase germination rate, gibberlic acid, acetic acid, Vitamin B, Biotin for increase production rate with growth of plants. During study optimized inoculant with coal powder added was more beneficial when compare with laboratories activated charcoal powder for germination rate and growth of plants. Field inoculation of plants with Azotobacter after cultivation of experimental plants it is noted that 20–40 kg nitrogen remain back which benefits for further plantation and reduce use of 25 % chemical fertilizers. Non–legumes can be used to take up excess nitrogen from previous crops and recycle the nitrogen as well as available phosphorus and potassium.

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K. S. Gomare, M. Mese, Y. Shetkar Isolation of Azotobacter and Cost Effective Production of Biofertilizer. Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.V May 2013

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