Volume : II, Issue : II, November - 2012

Linear Programming in Cloud Computing for Practical Outsourcing

N. Srujan Kumar, Murtaza Ahmed Khan

Abstract :

Cloud computing has great potential of providing robust computational power to the society at reduced cost. It enables clients with limited computational resources to outsource their large computation workloads to the cloud, and economically enjoy the massive computational power, bandwidth, storage, and even appropriate software that can be shared in a pay–per–use manner. Despite the tremendous benefits, security is the primary obstacle that prevents the wide adoption of this promising computing model, especially for clients when their confidential data are consumed and produced during the computation. Treating the cloud as an intrinsically insecure computing platform from the viewpoint of the cloud clients, the design mechanisms that not only protect sensitive information by enabling computations with encrypted data, but also protect clients from hateful behaviors by enabling the validation of the computation result. Such a method of general safe calculation outsourcing was newly shown to be viable in theory, but to propose mechanisms that are practically capable remains a very challenging problem

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N.Srujan Kumar, Murtaza Ahmed Khan Linear Programming in Cloud Computing for Practical Outsourcing Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.II, Issue.II November 2012

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