Volume : I, Issue : IX, June - 2012

Measurement of Emotional Development of the Students

Dr. Nivedita K. Deshmukh

Abstract :

The emotional development of the student starts with his very birth. It is necessary for him to balance the emotional development along with the intellectual development. The emotional development of the student depends upon his surrounding atmosphere, school, curriculum etc. The student also starts thinking the same about self if there is an element of progress in the incidents regularly hammering on his ears or happening before his eyes. Otherwise, the student starts thinking negatively or gets failed in deciding the aims of the life. Mentality is responsible for the student’s status in his house, his thoughts about self, his future planning. There is a possibility of the state of mental disorder when an act is committed with too much of anxiety or without any thought. The senior psychologists have said that intellectual progress as well as mental development of the student proved effective for the progress of the personality development of the student. The mental or emotional state of the student changes according to his social state and it affects his personality development. The emotional progress can be achieved with the relation of confidence between the teacher and the student, the relation of the parents and students in the family. The emotional development of the student can get proper molding when he thinks constantly positive, encourage the good works. It cannot be said that the students of all fields are conscious about their mentality or have information about their emotional status. mental condition of the student develops like the surrounding or the situation in which he lives. Hence it is advantageous to understand the position of mental status and to give proper treatment to it for the thorough development of the student. But for this, it proves necessary first to conduct the test of the student’s proper mental ability. Hence the measurement of the student’s mental ability is carried out by this research.

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