Volume : VII, Issue : I, January - 2017

Media’s reportage of corporate frauds An review

Dr. Parimala. Veluvali

Abstract :

 Media in all its forms and means has an unquestioningly important role to play in all spheres of life. This paper synthesizes existing research on the role of media in the detection and reportage of corporate frauds. By drawing upon prevailing works that have critically looked at media and its different facets as a whistle blower, a watchdog, an agenda setter and as an upholder of corporate governance, the paper reviews media’s role in the context of corporate actions. It adds a new dimension to current literature on media and its potential in complimenting the role of the regulators and the enforcement agencies in the detection of fraud.  The methodology that has supported the paper has been review of substantive findings, theoretical and conceptual works that have studied the role of media in different settings. Diverse literatures on the role of media with specific reference to fraud in the corporate sector have been reviewed. Towards the end the paper puts forth arguments calling upon media to expand its role from being just an information provider to an active player in fraud detection and prevention.


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