Volume : VI, Issue : I, January - 2016


Dr. Taruna, Pushpanjali Yadav

Abstract :

This present paper highlights the meaning of microfinance, emerging role, issues and challenges being faced in India. The paper represents the micro finance meaning and definition provided by the authors. This paper explains the need and challenges that are faced by the poor people in India and providing them financial helps, in way of microcredit to start their own small businesses, so they can generate income and provide for their families. The study explores some glå issues, challenges and offers some suggestion to make micro finance more effective. Hence, Government, RBI and various MFI’s have to face various challenges and to overcome with these challenges and issues some preventive measures are also taken by these financial bodies so that to provide benefits to the poor people and social class of the society. On the basis of need, issues and challenges related to microfinance, the study predicts the new agenda for future.

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Dr. Taruna, Pushpanjali Yadav Microfinance : Emerging Role, Issues and Challenges in India Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.6, Issue : 1 January 2016

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