Volume : VII, Issue : XI, November - 2017

Our Experiences with Bouveretís Syndrome: A Comparison of Two Surgical Strategies for treatment of Gallstone Ileus

Dr Rahul Bhushan, Dr Amarjot Singh, Dr Prerna Chadha

Abstract :

 Bouveret‚Äôs syndrome is defined as gastric outlet obstruction caused by duodenal impaction of a large gallstone which passes into the duodenal bulb through a cholecystogastric or cholecystoduodenal fistula

Debate exists with regard to the treatment of choice. This relates to the need for definitive biliary tract surgery. There are advocates for both enterolithotomy alone to relieve obstruction with biliary tract surgery at a later date (two–stage procedure) as well as at the same sitting (one–stage procedure). The principal goal in management of gallstone ileus is quick effective relief of mechanical bowel obstruction, and enterolithotomy alone fulfils this in the shortest possible time. This approach avoids the need for exploration of the fistula and reduces the length and complexity of the procedure. Most fistulas can close spontaneously if left alone

Relief of obstruction remains the mainstay of treatment and the better surgical option in our series is enterolithotomy alone. It is safe in both low and high risk patients and requires a shorter operating time as it is technically less demanding. In the longer term, the remnant fistula also does not appear to lead to further complications.

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Dr Rahul Bhushan, Dr Amarjot SINGH, Dr Prerna Chadha, Our Experiences with BouveretÔŅĹs Syndrome: A Comparison of Two Surgical Strategies for treatment of Gallstone Ileus, INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH : Volume-7 | Issue-11 | November-2017

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