Volume : VI, Issue : I, January - 2016


Dr. M. Bharath Kumaran, Dr. K. Madhavan

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Primary pachydermoperiostosis is a rare inherited disorder that manifests clinically by digital clubbing, extremely enlarged, painful and swollen joints, hypertrophic skin changes and periosteal new bone formation. The pathological mechanisms are still debated and proposed etiological factors include genetic influences, anomalies in fioblast acitivity or alteration in peripheral blood flow. Menetrier‘s disease is a form of hypertrophic gastropathy occurring primarily in middle aged males. It is characterized by thickening of the gastric mucosa due to hyperplasia of gastric glands. Clinically, they present with dyspepsia, upper abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, anemia, hypoproteinemia and its associated features, apart from weight loss. While the etiology of Menetrier‘s diseas is still unknown, association of cytomegalovirus and Helicobactor pylori infection of gastric mucosa has been reported. [1],[2] Some consider it as a precancerous condition.[2] Here we report a case of primary pachydermoperiostosis with associated Menetrier‘s disease.

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DR.M.BHARATH KUMARAN, DR.K.MADHAVAN Pachydermoperiostosis and Menetrier¥s Disease in a Young Male Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.6, Issue : 1 January 2016

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