Volume : V, Issue : VII, July - 2015

Paid News in Indian Dimension

Dr. Nagendra, Dr. Jagadish Jr

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 Paid News is a scandalous phenomenon in Indian media, in which mainstream media. Found to be systematically engaged in publishing favorable articles in exchange for payment. Bloomberg claimed that Paid News was rotting India's democracy. The Press Council of India tried to bury its own investigative report on the phenomenon of Paid News. Sponsors of Paid News are part of two major groups: politicians and businessmen, although celeities also play key roles in these scandals. Sponsors would like to advance their interests and achieve their goals, for example politicians want to promote their ideals. Growing deterioration of the Indian media institution as such the bane of ‘paid news’ is not only the manifestation of the economic policies pursued as consequent to globalisation have also exposed almost all institutions of parliamentary governance. The Press Council of India (PCI) has described it as an expression of prevailing organised corrupt practices in the media world diagnosing the malady of ‘paid news’ afflicting the media outlets, a sub–committee. The First Press Commission report referred to how the government manipulates the media outlets through insertion of advertisements. Mrs Shiela Dikshit insisted that her government had every right to propagate its achievements through ads like feature story. She, thus, gave a new meaning to the paid news practice: that the government has a right to give ‘ad–news’ for election publicity and the rich candidate has a right to dole out money for ‘paid news’ for publicity. ‘Paid news’ in fact is only a ‘new form or design’ and a new name for the policy of doling out advertisement for a specific purpose. And the ‘paid news’ practice is an extension of that only. During elections in the parliamentary set–up, political parties and their candidates in their individual capacity dole out advertisements and insertion of such propaganda material is the product of the globalised economic environment. The constitutional duties of Parliament Members underwent a change as they were separated from the collective responsibility of framing policy and programmes with the advent of globalization.

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