Volume : VI, Issue : V, May - 2016

Parental Involvement in Relation with Academic Achievement of Progeny

Dr. N. Prema

Abstract :

Learning begins right from the mother’s womb till we attain the graveyard. First learning starts at home through parent–child interaction and this interaction is a cornerstone of early intervention. Parent involvement is most successful when it is viewed, practiced, and promoted as a partnership between the home and school. The investigator was very inquisitive to know whether parental involvement creates positive or negative impact on their child’s academic achievement. This study aims to find out the level of parental involvement and its relationship with academic achievement of children. By adopting survey method, information from 92 parents as randomly selected samples was collected through questionnaire to achieve the above mentioned aim. The finding of this investigation shows that, majority of the parents involved themselves in their child’s education only at moderate level. And also proved that there is a commendable relationship exists between parental involvement and academic achievement of their children.

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Dr.N.Prema Parental Involvement in Relation with Academic Achievement of Progeny Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.6, Issue : 5 MAY 2016

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