Volume : VIII, Issue : VI, June - 2018

Physico–Chemical Analysis of Water In and Around Satna District

Asheesh Kumar, Sachin Bhatt

Abstract :

Water represents the basic elements supporting life and the natural environment, a primary component for industry, a consumer item for humans and animals, and a vector for domestic and industrial pollution. Much of ill health that affects humanity, especially in the developing countries can be traced to lack of safe and wholesome water supply. There can be not state of positive health and well being without water. The study was aimed at examining the various samples of drinking water and the quality of the groundwater as it relates to public health. Water samples collected during the July–October of 2017 from the study area/region and the samples were analyzed for various physical and chemical properties. During the study it was found that Total Dissolved Solids varies from 645 mg/L to 888 mg/L and compared with permissible limits. The concentration of calcium and magnesium in all water samples is very high. Therefore, the best accepted option is to avoid the possibility of polluting the groundwater resources.

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Asheesh Kumar, Sachin Bhatt, Physico–Chemical Analysis of Water In and Around Satna District, INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH : Volume-8 | Issue-6 | June-2018

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