Volume : V, Issue : VIII, August - 2015


Abdul Wahab, Maniza Khatun

Abstract :

<p><p> Education is a lifelong process which helps to achieve the path of development. Higher Education is treated as specialization in all the anches of education, inquiry as well as search of knowledge and integration and regional cohesion. It has been viewed in many developing countries as a significant contributor to sustainable development and poverty alleviation. It starts after the successful completion of secondary schooling. In present age, the impact of globalization is changing the scenario of higher education with aspirants from every knock and corner of the world pursuing specialization in anches of higher education. Globalization and ICT has expanded and play as the antioxidant to rural as well as backward areas. India being the second largest populated country in the world, without sophisticated education system its different culture, religion, geographical territory, regional variety and flora and fauna become unworthy hence not utilizing human resources in developing the country’s infrastructure. Though, India attained freedom almost seven decades ago but the literacy rate is comparatively lower than that of many other countries of the world. Presently, all the regions of the country including North–eastern region are facing numerous problems and challenges in higher education in vocational, technical, engineering, humanities etc. In Assam pseudo–environment, socio–economic instability, lack of proper utilization of educational policies, unprecedented growth of population, unavailability of adequate educational institutions are the main causes of backwardness of higher education system. The present study has been conducted on Darrang district with the help of convenient comparative studies covering educationally conscious citizens, students, guardians & inhabitants of rural and urban areas.</p></p>

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Abdul Wahab, Maniza Khatun Problems and Challenges of Higher Education in Rural Areas of Darrang District: Assam Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 8 August 2015

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