Volume : III, Issue : XII, December - 2013

Recall Effectiveness of Television Advertisements

B. Ussaima, Dr. G. Kalaivanan

Abstract :

The study aims at focusing on the recall effectiveness of television advertisements of children in Madurai city. Over a decade, most of the advertisements are directed towards children and they directly/indirectly influence their buying behaviour. Children usually do not make and choices at the time of advertising exposure rather it is the memory of the advertising messages that influence children. Recall importance stems from the fact that recall measures some aspect of this memory of the advertising. Advertisements provide more information about a product that can be set into memory if the child is familiar with the attention values used in the advertisement because this allows the child to generate any cue from memory to recall the advertisements. The results of this study reveal that TV advertisements attract the attention of the children and the recall effectiveness is significant.

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B. Ussaima, Dr. G. Kalaivanan Recall Effectiveness of Television Advertisements Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.XII Dec 2013

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