Volume : III, Issue : IX, September - 2013

Relationship Between Black Money & Poverty in India

Mr. Ghadage Satish Bhagwan

Abstract :

In our country has been so many problem i.e. starvation, black money, inflation, poverty, corruption unemployment, regional inequality etc. But major focus is the Black money & poverty. Averagely black money & poverty is 30% to 40% in India. Black money is an illness of Economic development in India and it criticized for the Economic factor so, our country tries to increases the growth rate of economy as compare to china, America and Japan country. The several committees has been trying the estimate of black money i.e. N. Kaldor, Wanchoo, Ranganekar, Chopra, Poonam Gupta, & Sanjeev Gupta, NIPEP, Suraj B. Gupta & World bank. Poverty means the society is unable to fulfil even its basic necessities of life. Poverty is social phenomenon which related to third world; exhibit invariably the existence of mass poverty. Different committees (economists) have to try the estimation of poverty in India i.e. Dandekar & Rath committee, Minhas, Bardhan, Planning commission, Lakadwada, Montek Shing Ahluwalia, World Bank, Hashim committee.

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Mr. Ghadage Satish Bhagwan Relationship Between Black Money & Poverty in India Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.IX September 2013

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