Volume : III, Issue : X, October - 2013

Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi�s Philosophy in Today�s Scenario

Dr. Umender Malik

Abstract :

Mahatma Gandhi was a great philosopher, education and sociologist who led India to independence and inspired movements for non–violence, civil rights and freedom across the world. His philosophy was based on truth, non–violence and ethics. He was fully aware of the problems of Indians and he kept this thing in mind, when he tracked about focusing of education on job–orientation, character formation, social development and giving sex–education and basic education. When we relate these aims of education with existing condition in the society we feel that the education in schools and colleges its not fulfilling the target of job orientation and the child is now more involved in violence and other anti–social activities. The number of crime done by adolescents is increasing in every country throughout the world. The demand of the situation is that the philosophy of Gandhi should be followed seriously and only in that condition we can same humanity and could do overall development of the child.

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