Volume : III, Issue : VII, July - 2013

Resource Use Efficiency in Wheat Production of Amravati Division

Harish A. Patil, Dr. Vanita K. Khobarkar

Abstract :

This study was designed to measure resource use efficiency in wheat production of Amravati division of Vidharbha region of Maharashtra state. In present investigation we use the double log type Cobb–Douglas type of production function. The sample of 81 Wheat farmers were selected from which input–output data collected based on 2011–12 rabi cropping season. Functional analysis of wheat crop revelled that Seed rate, Human Labour, Machine Labour, Bullock labour and Nitrogen Fertilizers, had the elasticity of 0.46,0.03,0.14, 0.12, and 0.07 respectively, which is positive and statistically significant, indicated that increase in these inputs will significantly effect on wheat yield. The value of MVP in respect of Seed rate (6.88) , machine labour (2.15),bullock labour (1.87),nitrogen (1.19) were more than unity level, indicating if expenses made on these resources, then it will be gives profitable returns. The average allocative efficiency was 86 per cent.

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Harish A. Patil, Dr. Vanita K. Khobarkar Resource Use Efficiency in Wheat Productionof Amravati Division Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.VII July 2013

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