Volume : IV, Issue : X, October - 2014

Study of Fungal Species Capable of Degrading Groundnut Oil

Prachi. A. Joshi, Dr. R. L. Mishra

Abstract :

Domestic waste water, as well as industrial water contains traces of oils. Lipids (fats, oils and greases) are major organic matters in municipal and some industrial waste water and cause severe environmental pollution. Waste water produced from edible oil refinery, slaughter houses, wool scouring and dairy products industry contains a high concentration of lipids. Oily waste water causes a lot of problem for treatment plant and discharge sewers. The present study aimed to isolate various species of fungi capable of degrading ground nut oil and to determine their degradation potential. Decomposed oil seeds were used to isolate different fungal species, identified and their lypolytic activity was determined by growing them in oil containing culture medium. Dry weight of mycelium was determined. GC–MS analysis of degraded and non–degraded oil samples were carried out to confirm biodegradation. From the study 8 fungal members belonging to three genera namely Aspergillus, Fusarium and Alternariawere found to be effective in biodegradation of ground nut oil.

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Prachi. A. Joshi, R. L. Mishra Study of Fungal Species Capable of Degrading Groundnut Oil Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.4, Issue : 10 October 2014

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