Volume : III, Issue : II, February - 2013

ôSystem Approach In Teaching"

Dr. Mujibul Hasan Siddiqui

Abstract :

System approach is a rational, problem solving method of analyzing the educational process and making it more effective. Currently, the call for systemic change in education is becoming increasingly strident. Unfortunately, the word system has been popularized without a fundamental understanding of its implications, to the point where everything is a system but nothing really is treated as one. Many people say they are using a systems approach, but almost no one really is. Decision makers need to fully understand why our current approaches wont work and what is different about the systems approach. Even a small child can use a hammer and saw, but it takes a master carpenter who fully understands the tools and their limitations to build a house. .A system is a set of elements that function as a whole to achieve a common purpose. This paper highlights concepts of system, system approach, steps of system approach,mastry learning etc.

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