Volume : V, Issue : XI, November - 2015

Teaching tools and media competencies for a 21st century classroom

Sandhya Kumar

Abstract :

<p> In the present day society, social media platforms and digital technologies are powerful pedagogical resources; but, they require special teacher training. Through the special training in using this technology effectively, teachers can create a multifaceted impact on student learning. The special training increases the social media competence of the teachers and hence makes them proficient in handling the Web2.0 tools and other virtual media platforms which can serve helpful in student learning and also in their professional development. This paper theoretically analyzes the competencies and some effective teaching tools which serve helpful in the 21st century digital class rooms. Teachers must possess some essential 21st century skills required for teaching the “tech savvy” students of the modern world. The emergence of the internet, and Web 2.0 resources, in particular, has created new areas for virtual communication exchanges. In this current scenario, and with support of the Web 2.0 resources, social networking has expanded to its zenith. Such resources have given way to new modes of relationships, regardless of time and space, by means of the so called internet social networks. In this scenario, it is essential to investigate the pedagogical use of these social networks. The competencies that are needed to merge these pedagogical uses are to be studied and implemented for better teaching and learning process in the present day tech world.</p>

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