Volume : II, Issue : III, December - 2012

Technology in Banking Insights of E–Customers of Ahmedabad City

Dr. Jayantsinh A Sarvaiya, Rajesh P Ganatra

Abstract :

Internet banking is approached now a day’s as preferred mechanism for carrying out one’s transactions. Consumers are emacing many benefits of Internet banking. A banks Internet presence transforms from ouchreware status to Internet banking status once the bank goes through a technology integration effort. The paper is an attempt made to answer the following question. ‘Will the efficient grievance settlement mechanism provided by the Internet banks ensure that the existing e–users will not switch over to the other banks for availing internet banking services? This question is answered on the basis of primary survey of the internet banking users of Ahmedabad city. Based on the statistical tests, the researcher tries to reveal that if the grievance settlement system of the banks is efficient enough as well as exhibits the speedy solution of the queries of the customers who prefer online mode of transactions then such banks will have increased number of the internet banking users.  

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Dr. Jayantsinh A Sarvaiya, Rajesh P Ganatra Technology in Banking Insights of E-Customers of Ahmedabad City Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.II, Issue.III December 2012

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