Volume : II, Issue : III, December - 2012

Trends of Cesarean Section at Tertiary care Hospital in India over 10 years

Dr. Mithil M. Patil, Dr. Vandana Nimbargi, Dr. S. S. Mehendale

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Introduction : Cesarean section is the 2nd commonest surgery performed on women in India after Tubectomy Operation.Cesarean section rate is increasing across the world. WHO endorsed the principle that there is no region in the world where a population–based caesarean section rate exceeding 15% of all live–births is justified. However in most of the tertiary health care centres the rate of cesarean section has reached more than 30 %. It has been stated that increase in the cesarean section in low risk women is associated with more maternal morbidity & mortality. In India giving birth in an auspicious day are driving the women to go for a caesarean section (Mishra, 2002). We have analyzed cesarean section trend & its determinants at Bharati Hospital, Pune ( Tertiary Care Centre ) over the last 10 years . Objective : To study the trend of cesarean section over the last decade & its determinant at tertiary care hospital . Design : Retrospective analysis of all the deliveries from January 2000 till 2012. Material & Methods : Bharati Hospital is a Tertiary Care Hospital in Pune, India which cater to more than 2 Million Population. We have done retrospective analysis of vaginal deliveries & cesarean section over 10 years along with major determinants of it. Results : Rate of cesarean section has risen from 23 % in 2000 to almost 49 % in 2011 . Fetal distress & CPD were the commonest indication with which the procedure is performed. Over the years the incidence of various indications requiring surgery remained constant except Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. Other common indication were Malpresentations, Arrest of dilation & descent, fetal growth restriction & oligohydramnios . Despite increased rate of cesarean section neonatal morbidity & mortality is constant throughout the years . Conclusion : Despite of rising cesarean section rates neonatal morbidity & mortality remains the same over the years which is otherwise unacceptable. Rising litigation, insurance , preterm cesarean section to salvage the premature babies in the era of modern NICU facility are leading to the era of more operative deliveries. India as a developing country could not afford to have cesarean section rates comparable to the western countries leading to a economic strain on the lower middle class population which constitutes 80% of the total.

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Dr. Mithil M. Patil, Dr.Vandana Nimbargi, Dr.S.S.Mehendale Trends of Cesarean Section at Tertiary care Hospital in India over 10 years Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.II, Issue.III December 2012

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