Volume : VIII, Issue : VII, July - 2018

Vulvar lesions in rural India: A Prospective observational study.

Atin Halder, Medhatithi Barman, Kaushik Seth, Ankit Halder

Abstract :

 Interest in vulvar disorder increased in last few years and needs multidisciplinary approach.

Aim and objective: To study the clinical presentation, evaluate the spectrum of factors influencing the pathology and
outline its prevention.
Methods : A prospective observational study was conducted on 40 patients presenting with vulvar lesions from Feuary 2016 to August 2016
on Wednesday out patients department . Cases were selected after taking proper history, clinical examinations and necessary investigations
with histopathological examination and treated with regular follow up. Patients from 12 years onwards with vulvar lesions were included in
this study. We excluded known cases of vulvar carcinoma, diabetes mellitus, immuno–compromised; post radiation vulvo–vaginitis, carcinoma
cervix and paediatric age group patients from our study. The technique and protocol of this study design were approved by the ethical committee
of the institution
Result: Out of 3686 OPD attendee 40 (1.09%0 patients were in the study group, the incidence of vulvar lesions was 1.09%. Majority were aged
between 20–30 years and 40–50 years (12/40 or 30%). The mean age of the patients was 40.4 years. Seventy percent of the women were of
lower socio–economic status and 30% of patients were belong to middle socio–economic status and no woman of upper socio–economic status
were reported. Vulvar abscess (25%), Bartholin‘s Cyst (15%), Lichen Sclerosis atrophicus (15%), Squamous cell carcinoma (10%), Squamous
papilloma (10%) and Squamous cell hyperplasia (10%) were the frequent presenting vulvar lesions.
Discussion: The spectrum of vulvar lesions is a wide ranging .Infection was the main stay of aetiology. Poor hygiene and overall lack of
awareness about sexually transmitted diseases are frequently seen among the patients. So, our health care providers need to educate women
regarding vulvar hygiene in the form of health awareness programme by all sectors. and motivate them to maintain proper hygiene and seek early
help from physicians.

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Atin Halder, Medhatithi Barman, Kaushik Seth, Ankit Halder, Vulvar lesions in rural India: A Prospective observational study., INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH : Volume-8 | Issue-7 | July-2018

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